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simleys 123Smileys

Do you know what are smileys? :-)Well it’s a character which is inserted in between sentences to display an impression about the sender. 😀


The Elephant

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Something interesting to share with you about elephants.There are some related links, images and videos to be viewed about this animal.




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A cheetah is a very  gentle animal.It gives birth to its is an animal which i enjoy telling you about.I am going to post tips on cheetahs on this post and those who are interested,will enjoy it.Cheetah


cheetah 456

Hibiscus Plant

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The Hibiscus plant is a red plant.It represents Malaysia.I think the plant is very nice.Visit this link for more details. Hibiscus

hibiscus 2


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A leopard is a very spotted mammal.They are carnivores. This is a picture of a leopard. Click on this link leopard to learn more about it.

leopard 2

Have you Tried Uploading A Video?

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Here is a video.

Adding Categories And Links

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Welcome back to my blog.Try visiting this link Length. Try visiting this blog for more information on length.